Business Setup in RAK Financial Services Authority

RAK Financial Services Authority is specifically accountable for supervising the regulated financial activity within RAK offshore and RAK financial city keeping in mind the end goal to guarantee that RAK offshore can give most extreme adaptability to investors while keeping up strict consistence with nearby and worldwide rules and regulations. RAK Financial Services Authority analyzes Read more


Only safe Offshore Jurisdiction is UAE

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Only safe Offshore jurisdiction is UAE After Panama Offshore leaks People usually start an offshore company due to their interest in business expansion, financial privacy and assets protection. The popularity of a UAE offshore company mostly stems from is the ability these companies have to set up a bank account in the UAE. Some of Read more


Leaked Exposing Offshore Accounts

Over 11.5 million documents leaked exposing offshore accounts of world leaders Recently leaked documents have shed light on a secretive industry that has helped banks and lawyers hide many of their client’s financial holdings and dealings. Some of these powerful clients include, prime ministers, parliamentarians, plutocrats and criminals. These files have uncovered the offshore holdings Read more


Seven Amazing Projects in Dubai set to Open in the Next two Years

In order to increase tourism and thrust Dubai’s economic growth, the emirates will be introducing three exciting new projects this year. The three projects are: Dubai Opera This project is set to open its doors in September 2016 in Downtown Dubai and will hold world class performances a little after its opening. On the Emaar Read more


What are the Advantages of using Offshore Company

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The main advantages are: (a) total absence or minimum levels of taxation; (b) confidentiality, due to no sensitive personal information available on public file; (c) protection, due to secrecy provisions enshrined in law and absence of international information-sharing agreements; (d) corporate flexibility: no paid-up capital requirements, no requirement to state operational objects, minimum conditions on Read more