FDI in Abu Dhabi rises by 8.6 per cent to Dh88.95 billion in 2015

abu dhabi FDI

According to the foreign investment survey, the foreign direct investment (FDI) in Abu Dhabi has grown by 8.6 per cent from Dh81 billion in 2014 to Dh88.95 billion in 2015. This survey was conducted by the Abu Dhabi Statistics Centre. The foreign direct investment for economic activity, the portfolio and other investments. The growth seen Read more


Leading Debt Recovery Company in UAE

debt recovery dubai

The number of individuals and businesses failing under debt across the globe is at an all-time high nowadays. Debt is causing various negative effects on hundreds of businesses as they are suffering from many of their customers continuously not paying their outstanding amounts on time which is interfering with their business operations. A collection account Read more


Big ambitions and projects shared among Dubai and China

dubai china business

Economic officials from Dubai took a trip for three days to Shaghai so that they can “show” the Chinese what Dubai has to offer. Their goal was to not only attract Chinese investors to expand and have a bigger presence in the emirate, it was to also show the opportunities Dubai provides for their companies Read more


Dubai makes property will registrations easier

property registration dubai

A partnership between DIFC Wills & Probate Registry (WPR) and Dubai Land Department has made the process of probating a will containing property bequests, a lot easier. When a probate case becomes active, the new arrangement will set out a clear process that people can follow. Basic property ownership details can be verified by WPR Read more


Dubai FDI programme to drive investment and support services

dubai fdi programme

The Dubai Investment Development Agency, Dubai FDI, Department of Economic Development (DED), hosted the regions first specialized programme to qualify leaders from the public and private sectors to successfully pursue foreign investment and support investors. For the programme, the two companies were also in partnership with the Conway Advisory and Global FDI Association. This programme Read more