Dubai Future Agenda set to shape Dh1 billion fund

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, stated that the importance of the countries success and competitiveness in the global perspective all starts from building its future. A clear vision, action plan and effective implementation are the key to help shape the future.

Science and technology has played a huge role in influencing the world of today and Dubai needs to use its modern infrastructure and legislative structure to become recognised as a worldwide centre in order to mould the future of not only the region, but also the world.

Dubai has a lot of experience in the sectors that can help pave the way for the future in terms of aviation, trade, financial services and technology.

Highness Sheikh Mohammed announced the Dubai Future Foundation with the Dubai Future Agenda that will act as a road map for the Foundation that will help shape the future for many sectors in the medium and long term with the support and collaboration with private sectors and the government

The Agenda will also strive to develop individuals, organizations and different sectors in the UAE and will also launch numerous initiatives that will help improve the leadership in the country.

In order to help support the innovation that will contribute to the future of strategic sectors in the UAE, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed has permitted a Future Endowment Fund worth Dh1 billion to invest.

The Future Agenda – an integrated plan to strengthen Dubai’s position

The Future Agenda includes three main pillars: Individuals, Organizations and Sectors.

Individuals pillar:

This will try to help build the capacities of individuals as well as build upon on the knowledge, culture and communities of the country. More than 20 initiatives are set to launch in order to help train people within the government and from various private sectors to help prepare them on leadership for the future and enable them to explore the future of strategic sectors.

The Dubai Future Foundation will also try to improve older initiatives that were launch, for example the ‘Mostaqbal Portal’ which publishes reports and visual materials about developments in future science and the newest innovations in strategic sectors and ‘Schools of the Future’ that is a report about the future of the educational system in the short and long run.

Organizations pillar:

This will establish “Future Teams” in different organizations, both public and private sectors. These teams will do extensive research and try to apply some of the latest technologies of the future. It will also form ‘Future Laboratories’ that will analyse all the strategic challenges that the government sector is facing and will partner with international companies and research firms in order to help solve these issues with new innovative solutions.


Sectors pillar:

This pillar is set out to help existing sectors play a bigger role in innovation, science and technology for the future in the national economy through four programmes:


  1. This programme will create interactive exhibitions not only in the UAE, but also around the world that will help explore the future of many sectors in the long run and can help come up with innovative solutions to re-invent these sectors (for example, the annual Museum of the Future during the World Government Summit)
  2. Future Partners that will help the country form better networks around the world by creating partnerships with international companies in areas of innovation, research and development and then build companies that are solely based on consulting, modelling and future design.
  3. Future Cities programme will work closely with government entities in order to launch new initiatives to help accomplish global leadership in the more innovative sectors in the UAE.
  4. Future Making programme will establish initiatives such as Future Incubators and Future Endowment Fund (worth Dh1 billion) to add value to the new sectors in the most economically and social way

The Museum of the Future

This will be apart of the Dubai Future Foundation. It is one of the most important projects that will be completed by 2017 and will have laboratories of innovation in health, education, energy, smart cities, transportation, and a Museum of Future will be located on Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai.


Global partnerships and projects

Since 2015, the Dubai Future Foundation has formed many partnerships with government entities, organizations and also academic and international companies. Some of these include

  • Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center
  • Shenzhen Foundation for International Cooperation
  • IDA
  • General Electric

There are many successful initiatives already launched by the foundation on an international level, such as UAE Drones for Good, the UAE AI & Robotics Award for Good, and the world’s first 3D printed office in Dubai.It has also established the World Federation of Future Sports that manages the future sports sector and does extensive research and development in terms of future technologies in the sports field. They are also set to organise World Future Sports Games.

The creation of the Global Blockchain Council was also created by the Dubai Future Foundation which consists of 42 government entities and private companies where they all come to discuss the best practises in Blockchain technologies.


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